Ever since the demise of the late, unlamented Poulan Weedeater Bowl in Shreveport, there's been a gaping hole in the holiday college football schedule.

Thankfully, the previously vanilla St Petersburg Bowl turned up a gem of a title in its own back pages.

Then, the dudes in garish sports coats who run that show paired it with the only possible sponsor that could add to the attitude.

So, college football fans perched on couches everywhere can now raise a Cheeto to the first ever Bad Boy Mowers Gasparilla Bowl.

How would they not love a sponsor with the snarkiest commercials this side of WWF:



That's enough for apartment owners to go out and rent a lawn.

Click over to The Daily Player for more details on the snarkiest bowl of them all.

After that, wander over to Fanorama to view the nifty cool stuff we've rounded up for sports fans, like this handmade, bourbon brown beer holster:

handmade bourbon brown beer holster

Now, really, how could a hardcore tailgater not do that clicking thing and pick this up immediately? It's the original hands-free accessory device.

Is this an awesome deployment of 19th century technology or what!

We've had to bend light to price it at $29.99 because it needs to be out there, packing your primary or storing your spare. Your beer stayed chilled while your hands don't.

So if you're gonna koozie, you may as well do it in style!

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