It's a major tournament that's true to its word. The Masters actually is a tradition like no other.

The old ways die hard. It was only five years ago that the Augusta Country Club accepted women members.

However, they still don't want no stinkin' mobile phones.

That explains the crowd roar at the 18th green when that humongous Masters scoreboard posted numbers showing Sergio Garcia and Justin Rose were heading to the tourney's 72nd hole all square.

And good for The Masters. Why? Click over to The Daily Player for the reason we feel this way.

Assuming you do so, you'll see why Fanorama strongly recommends the smartphone transgressor come here to buy there incognito-friendly polarized sunglasses:

polarized sunglasses

Nothing fancy. Just $15.55 worth of identity protection to go along with vision safety.

Those are eyewear traditions that never go out of style.

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