At The Daily Player, we look back as much as we look ahead.

Google doesn't rank us at No 1 for sports snark because we stand still, you know.

One of our most popular features in the past couple of years has been The Daily Player 12, where we continue to espouse that the whole College Football Playoff selection process is an extravagant, preordained farce.

Simply put, a few privileged adults indulge in largesse while other aspects of student-athletic sports go wanting.

We're into good deals for those involved, and that carries on to how we run Fanorama.

We're stocking it with stuff that won't break your bank so you can spend more of your hard-earned dosh on whatever the hell you want.

And maybe, just maybe, it'll be on some sorta bauble like this replica Denver Broncos Super Bowl 50 championship ring:

Denver Broncos super bowl ring replica

Why wait for a Bronco to go broke and stick a real ring on eBay? That's just bad karma.

In a way, we're bringing all this together like the Dude's rug, and we're bringing this ring to you for only $18.99. Nothing pretentious at all.

We've got more like it. Check out the collection and indulge!


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