The majestic Lionel Messi has never scored against Italy’s veteran 'keeper, GianLuigi Buffon until now.

It occurred during a Champions League blockbuster between Juventus and Barcelona that turned out to be surprisingly one-sided.

As in 3-0, Barça.

They're expected to be the class of Group D, and based on this performance, they are.

The pressure's been on Messi to score against Buffon seemingly forever, and the goal that broke the curse was something special.

All you've gotta do is click over to The Daily Player to see it.

It's even easier to see something else special. Right here, as Fanorama presents the natural evolution of beer pong cups:

hexagonal beer pong cups

This is genius!

Besides the obvious advantage, they'll never, ever be confused with those little red cups that were built for quality adult beverages. And if they are, you know it's time to cut someone off.

Consider that a bonus for an already sweet deal at $29.99.

And that's not even taking the ping pong balls into account. This one's a slam dunk. If you can reach that far.


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