Perhaps the MLBPA should take a long look at player safety.

Miami Marlins infielder Dee Gordon was minding his own business on the field recently when he was attacked by a young Reds fan.

In addition to being granted access to the field by security, the rogue kid was also counseled by an umpire, who instructed the youngster to go after Gordon.

It's been done before.

To see how the little kids of today do it, click over to The Daily Player.

You'll also see that Gordon handled it much better than the Waco Kid.

With the Kid excepted, there are better things to do with holsters in public, too. We here at Fanorama have a suggestion. This is how you do holsters and beer at the next BBQ:

cowboy kuzy beer holster


Now, that's how you hold a Colt .45, if you get our drift. And we know you do.

At $29.95, it's a deal that would've won the West. At the very least, it would've make the Waco Kid a hella lot happier.

But now, all that joy is reserved for you. So be quick on the draw -- or is that draught? -- and click on over to the checkout right now so you don't miss out.

It's the quick and the dead outta luck, you know.



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