The Ole Miss football program has experienced a bit of turmoil recently.

Their embattled head coach Hugh Freeze was finally put out of his misery and asked to resign after it was revealed he had called an escort service from his university-provided phone.

Of course, there were myriad other issues involving Freeze, but this was just the inappropriate cherry on top.

Incredibly but unsurprisingly, the Twitterverse lit up.

Click over to The Daily Player for a few examples of drive-by wit but not much wisdom.

Then, guide that index finger over to Fanorama to give some hard thought to -- what else would fit a story like this? -- a portable PVC-framed cornhole set:

portable cornhole set pvc frame

The fact they're in  Ole Miss colors is completely coincidental.

Focus instead on the fact this joy-giving set can be yours for only $49.99.

Feel free to use your smartphone. No dialing required, and to be sure, we're nowhere near the 313 area code. We'll also make sure it gets an escort to your door.

OK, that's it for us. Austin Powers still holds the bad pun crown.

She's right. Enough.

See you at checkout.

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