This is an interesting way to end a ballgame.

While walk-off homers are obviously exciting, we don't see the spectacular walk-off grab to end a game very often.

Even rarer is one that literally saves the game.

Well, you're in luck.

Here's Keon Broxton doing precisely that:

That's just silly.

Believe it or not, there's more. Simply click over to The Daily Player and marvel.

Speaking of, while you're in marvel mode, check out Fanorama for this heavy, right-on, and solid Cowboy Kuzy handmade bourbon brown beer holster:

Cowboy Koozie handmade bourbon brown beer holster

Who thinks of this stuff? Then again, who cares?

It's brilliant! And for $29.99, it's irresistible! This is how quality adult beverages are to be toted at tailgate parties!

So limber up your clickin' finger, head to checkout, and prepare to be the dude or dudette who's there with the spare ... or hands free to help exaggerate that next big story you're gonna tell.

And really, if you're worldly enough to come to the party with this novel holster, why wouldn't anyone believe you?



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