Apparently, the car service Über is becoming a viable mode of transport for the discerning professional athlete.

Actually, it seems to be the go-to option when a flight's been delayed or canceled and the athlete in question is truly desperate.

Our latest Über adventure involved four Seattle Mariners Triple-A ballplayers trying to get from Phoenix to Albuquerque for a game.

Of course, the boys could've caught the earlier flight with the rest of the team, but they wanted to sleep in.


It was one of those things that became one of those days, too. Click over to The Daily Player to find out why.

Too bad the trip wasn't withing jogging distance. Fanorama woulda been there to offer hot treads like these desert blasting breathable running shoes:

men's running shoe

These supercharged trainers go for the how-do-they-do-it bargain price of $63.19, which is a damn sight cheaper than that Über ride cost.

Mind you, they'd still be jogging out there if this was their option, but still. We're willing to bet, though, that after that fare, they'll have enough left over to pick up a pair of these.

And they look just as good when you're getting on an airplane.

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