As if the Baltimore Orioles haven't been on Front Street enough already.

Some of it was interesting.

Most of it was crazy.

And apparently, their time in the sun had yet to run its course.

There they were, neck-and-neck with the revitalized New York Yankees for the AL East lead.

As the season neared its quarter pole, their players found out they were targets in more ways than one.

Gotta click over to The Daily Player to discover how, for the Orioles, those hits just keep on coming.

Gotta check Fanorama, too, to discover how to save big bucks on nifty cool stuff like these dangling baseball earrings:

dangling baseball earrings

OK, they're not large enough to have 1908 diamonds embedded in them, but for $13.78, they're pretty damn glitzy!

So, get a pair for your sprend -- special friend; we just made that up -- or find a couple of pirates and give them one each.

Your choice.


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