Almost everybody loves Super Bowl commercials.

That includes sponsors. They make a huge production and pay big bucks for advertising slots in an event that's usually the top-rated TV event of the year.

And with great money comes great responsibility.

Yeah, right. If only that were so.

This year, your Buds resurrected that ol' Scottish hound to sell their suds. In the process, they also brought up Western civilization's most mangled quotation.

Click on over to The Daily Player to partake of the latest installment of their unrelenting quest for literary accuracy.

Here at Fanorama, we'd like to believe we're more than just a snarky store. Sooner or later, that'll happen. We've got plans. Meanwhile, feel free to pick up one of our more unique products like this eco-friendly BPA detox bottle with a flip lid:

eco-friendly BPA detox bottle flip lid

How can you go wrong for $17.98?

You can't. Because we're part of The Daily Player, and they'd be here to correct us.

So you're safe here. Go ahead, then. Buy with confidence!

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