Donald Trump seems to have little understanding of the most fundamental rules of golf.

Of course, in the context of his current job, these deficiencies usually lead to embarrassing gaffes with dangerous consequences, sometimes on a global scale.

Fortunately, The Donald's latest buffoonery really isn't hurting anyone, expect perhaps a golfing purist.

The fact that he happens to own the golf course really shouldn't excuse the behavior.

The Daily Player believes politics are a personal thing, but in sport, dammit, rules are rules!

And in online shopping, Fanorama totally supports good value. For example, take this stainless steel insulated thermos bottle:

stainless steel insulated thermos bottle

Who'd have thought that could be had for $29.88 without getting an act of Congress first?

But that's what we do. And you've found it. We're kinda like an unimpeachable source.

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