Thank God Draymond Green has a podcast.

This forum allows him to say anything that pops into his head.

For example, the Golden State Warriors forward recently weighed in on a scuffle involving Boston Celtics center Kelly Olynyk.

Green is of the opinion that this dude plays dirty.

Yes, this is the same Draymond Green who kicks other players with impunity during actual NBA games.

This actually makes for an interesting little bit of irony. Check it out at The Daily Player.

And stay here at Fanorama for a touch of consistency. For instance, if you're a hoops fan, then you could be interested in this nifty little rotating basketball key ring:

rotating basketball key ring

It's a mere $12.42, which is better than a kick in the ... wherever.

Come to think of it, we're surprised Mr Green hasn't bought a slew of these.

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