Well, well, well.  

It seems that The Daily Player's resident Squire of Ire sure does know a thing or two about certain things.  

The Angry White Dude's column on Mon 15 May informed everyone about John Wall's over-the-top antics after his team picked up a win in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals.

Wall was on the scorer's table, flexing, screaming, and partying like it was 1999, baby!

Poor John forgot a couple of things during his premature celebration:

  • It's not 1999, and
  • Game 7 was still on the docket.

Bummer. And we all know how Game 7 went.

We here at Fanorama are into staying power. That's why we highly recommend this Air Jordan pendant for your basic bling.

Air Jordan pendant

Gotta admit: Michael Jordan's got staying power. At least, his image does, anyway.

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That's right. You can't. So we're waiting for Mr Wall's order right now.


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