Things tend to get a little heavy during the NBA free agency period. Usually, there isn't much room for levity.

However, the Portland Trail Blazers would beg to differ.

Those rapscallions from Rip City recently traded Tim Quarterman to the Houston Rockets.

And what exactly did the Blazers receive in return?

The creativity didn't stop there. Click on over to The Daily Player for more wit from the city where weird is cherished.

In that spirit, Fanorama is doing its part to make the magic happen anywhere. Like making you a superhero when you wear these threads:

i make beer disappear t-shirt

Just think, for only $21.95, you'll have your friends and enemies waiting around to see if you'll make enough of it disappear to think you can leap tall buildings in a single bound.

What the hell, as long as they're buying. But just remember to stay in your lane.

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