The first lady of competitive shrieking has returned.

The lovely and talented Maria Sharapova, fresh from her 15-month doping suspension, is back on a court near you.

Sharapova participated in something called the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix recently through a very generous wild card granted by the tournament.

This kindness was not very well-received by her peers, particularly the equally blonde Genie Bouchard.

When not paying off ill-advised Super Bowl wagers, Bouchard seems to enjoy chastising Sharapova. Click over to The Daily Player for more details.

Hopefully, sentiment is a lot smoother wherever your and/or yours play tennis. If so, Fanorama has got a token of your appreciation in mind. Who could resist this mini-tennis key chain:

mini-tennis keychain

At only $13.93, this little trinket will have you and/or yours screaming after every stroke.

The mere thought of that should have you reaching for your wallet. Right now.

Go for it.

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