Yet again, only international soccer has this season championship thing sorted out.

In those leagues, whoever's got the best record over the course of the campaign gets the trophy. Full stop.

Of course, it's a different environment. Relegation threats keep the spice in the bottom of the standings. Cup competitions -- they're version of playoffs, as it were -- occur during the season. It's damn near a perfect world.

Post-season playoffs are a way of life in North American team sports. It's clear that the hot and healthy teams win -- think how many wild card teams hoist the hardware -- even though they're not necessarily the best.

We've just seen an example of this in golf, of all sports. Click over to The Daily Player for the SMH details.

Here's a thought: Make up your own playoff rules! Maybe something as simple as everyone but the winner buys the beer.

Fanorama has just what you need to do it with this hoop-court themed, foldable beer pong table with adjustable height options:

basketball court themed, foldable beer pong table with adjustable height options

This is strong enough to last a long, long time, and yet, we offer it for a mere $99.99 with free shipping.

Need custom cups? We've got you covered:

hex pong cups

They go for $29.99. Too cool!

The sooner you move on these, the sooner you can seek and destroy a portion of Pitino's past income! Don't let the moment pass!

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