Back in an era when comic strips were actually a thing and satire was still subtle, a swamp opossum named Pogo surveyed a situation that had hints of government all over it and declared:

We have met the enemy, and he is us!

Maybe the little critter was actually frustrated at a certain disorganized office in Walnut Creek, California.


The Pac-12 has taken more heat than even the California sun could burn through for its bizarre approach to which teams fill the Friday night football slot on ESPN.

Dudes have finally realized the error of their ways. The Daily Player explains it all right here:

If you don't wanna get accused of forgetting details in your next outing, Fanorama thinks you oughta check out this insulated, multi-compartment tailgating tote bag to make sure you've got your munchies-&-slosh needs covered:

insulated, multi-compartment tailgating tote bag

Note how we loaded that top compartment with healthy nosh. Is that a sign we're enlightened, or what! Just know that a hella lotta Cheetos fit in there, too.

Then there's the bottom compartment. Feel free to note that quality adult beverages may easily be substituted at your option:

insulated multi-compartment tailgating tote bag

Can you believe all this -- and utensils, if someone brings ice cream or pie -- is all yours for the how do they do it price of $55.99?

We can't, either. But hell, you're worth it!

It ships free, too. And we take Bitcoin. What's not to like? See you at checkout.

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