There are myriad travel options these days

For example, you can use Über to go to the store or maybe even the local watering hole.

If you happen to be an NFL player trying to get to practice, you can even use this service to travel over 500 miles.

Buffalo Bills cornerback Shareece Wright is just that football player.

Dude missed his connecting flight in Chicago, so Plan B kicked into effect.

OK, Plan C.

The Daily Player breaks it down. See for yourself. All we can say is Wright's one dedicated Buffalo Bill.

If you're one dedicated shopper on a mission to find quality stuff at reasonable rates, then welcome to Fanorama!

For example, if you need to go the extra mile to keep in shape, take a long look at these breathable, reflective, air-cushioned running shoes for men and women:

breathable reflective air cushioned running shoes men women

They'll get you where you wanna be in more ways than one for a mere $97.16. And you'll feel better for it, in more ways than one.

Just don't go blowing the cash you saved in the bar after your run or your NFL OTA. Unless you invite us, too. Then it's OK.

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