The World Champion Chicago Cubs seemed to make a point of getting their official White House visit on the books as quickly as possible.

The team stopped by back in January, a week before former President Obama's second term came to an end.

They were able to avoid The Donald then, but on a recent trip to DC, some of the Cubs found themselves in the West Wing yet again.



It was not without incident, so click over to The Daily Player if you wanna see what went on this time.

About the weirdest it gets around here at Fanorama is this distinctively garish retro arcade t-shirt that just won't die:

retro arcade t-shirt

Maybe it's that retro price of $20.99 that keeps this rag flying out the door. Maybe dudes and dudettes are just celebrating the old days. Maybe the meth epidemic actually is outta control.

Then again, this wouldn't be the first time we've been oblivious to a trend.

So, what the hell? If you want it, we've got it. For now.

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