In their existence as a hockey club from Arizona, it's fair to say this crew's only had two notable moments:

It's possible that there's more news about the Coyotes on business websites than the sports sites.

There's no doubt they chose the perfect mascot.

Arizona made the correct assessment that they couldn't go any lower right now, what with all the turmoil over where in the desert they're gonna get an arena deal.

After 20 games, though, dudes finally caught a break. Click over to The Daily Player and shed a tear of joy.

Meanwhile, we here at Fanorama have seen many of our customers become ecstatic at the coolness and quality of our best-selling and extremely studly polarized, aluminum magnesium shades:

polarized, aluminum magnesium sunglasses

The comments we get the most are how sturdy they are. We never really considered that to be a trait that sells shades, but there you go. Quality counts in unanticipated ways.

Maybe there are more action heroes in our crowd than we thought.

At $30.66, we're not surprised that they shop here, though.

Whether you're one or just want to play one on TV, just know it's clinically proven that these shades are for you!

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