With a kajillion sets of fingers wandering around in cyberspace, the thought of opening our own fan store came to mind.

It took us only one pitcher of a quality adult beverage to reach the sort of executive decision that put us in the game at No 1 on Google for sports snark:

why the hell not

So, here it is: Fanorama, full of stuff you've gotta buy because it'd look totally good on you and/or someone you know and love.

Or, if you don't agree, then buy this stuff for someone you know and don't love. Maybe then, they'll get the hint and stay far, far away from you, making this a sound investment in your future.

Either way, we've got you covered, because that's the kind of dudes we are.

Once we get our cyber-shelves completely stocked, check back here on a regular basis for our wallet-friendly Daily Deals.

We'll be posting hot offers at the sort of going-out-of-business prices you always see on those oriental rug stores that never do close their doors.

And remember, we take Bitcoin. Not that we're Silk Road alums or anything, but this is cyberspace.

When in Rome and all that ...

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