Don't think a heavy helping of winter was enough to deter those hale and hearty sports fans in Buffalo.

That's what those dudes plow through whenever the Sabres drop puck.

It's more likely because the Bills had lost four of their last five games that kept fans away from Rich Stadium.

But they're hardcore in Upstate New York.

On the bright side for Buffalo's fortunes, though, third-party ticket prices for their Week 14 game with an extremely beatable Indianapolis Colts team -- 3-9 this on any given Sunday -- rose by 50% on game day.

There are snow games, and there are snow games. Even if you're not a football fan, click over to The Daily Player for the highlights of this one.

And remember, Fanorama is right here to remind you that glare happens with snow as well as sun. Battle it in style.

These retro-cool, polarized, mirrored, aluminum-magnesium shades are bringing back the suave-&-debonair look all by themselves:

polarized, mirrored, aluminum-magnesium sunglasses

If these don't say dry martini after eight, nothing will.

And no one needs to know that they're saying it for only $36.08. That'll be our little secret.

They're amazingly sturdy, standing up to the rigors of looking retro-cool. As well, if your lens preference is of the gray or black persuasion, we've got you covered.

All they need is you to round out the look. See you at checkout.

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