Perspective is an amazing thing.

In music, it literally gave us The Doors.

It's crucial in the sporting world, as well as somewhat of a mystery.

For example, even the scientific community is divided on clinically confirming how basketball players can judge the range of a jump shot or how baseball players can judge the trajectory of a fly ball.

Jason Werth

Or can't.

Recently, baseball got its own version of the blue dress-gold dress conundrum, and The Daily Player added it to the game's current list of what is and what could merely be. Click on over there for your bemusement.

Meanwhile, Fanorama is sticking to the fundamentals. Take this original t-shirt that confirms baseball is a metaphor for life itself:

t-shirt hit it hard far and often

Can't argue that. And if someone does, an umpire's gonna eject them.

So put it out there for all to see and agree. For only $14.95.

Can't argue that, either. See you at checkout.

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