Veteran NBA journeyman Boris Diaw provided a number of benefits for the San Antonio Spurs.

Apparently, these intangibles extended off the court, as well.

The Spurs traded Diaw to the Utah Jazz this past off-season, but coach Gregg Popovich still misses the dude intensely.

Specifically, Pop just wants his fellow wine aficionado back.

When not engaging in performance art level interviews on the court, it appears that Pop appreciates a good bottle of wine with dinner.

But, as The Daily Player found, he needs a drinking buddy.

Bummer about that NBA salary cap.

However, if you need to be under a cap limit, Fanorama is here to help, like offering this summer mesh breathable baseball cap for a mere $20.61:

summer mesh breathable baseball cap

How do you think we do it? We don't know. What makes us so good?

Wait a minute. That's from Tommy. He didn't have a cap or drink wine.

Nevermind. Just buy the damn cap. On a hot summer day, you'll be glad you did. So will we. On any day.

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