First of all, kudos to UCLA slinger Josh Rosen for having something to say in pre-season that isn't the stilted vanilla tripe that usually pops outta college lips these days.

Secondly, dude definitely knows how to pick a dynamic example.

Thirdly, he's wise enough to make sure that his chosen example isn't on UCLA's schedule anytime soon.

And finally, the Bruin junior's seen first-hand that smart kids and strong football programs aren't mutually exclusive.

No one's ever gonna accuse those fine young scholars on Leland Stanford Jr's farm of falling off turnip trucks.

But Alabama? They've got lotsa turnips down there, and perhaps Rosen noticed. Check The Daily Player to see where things went from there.

Glad to see him tackling one of the pressing issues of our times. We here at Fanorama just wanna tackle happy hour. That's why we're calling your attention to these 'way-too-cool polarized sunglasses with side views for those just-in-case-moments:

polarized sunglasses wwith side views

We're humble pub crawlers. Dive bars work for us. That's why we can sell these exquisite shades for only $18.99.

Our craving for beer and nachos is your gain.

Just think, if we were the spritzer-&-canapé crowd, these would be going out the door for $28.99 or more, and customers of a certain status would still be all over them.

But we're not one of those stores. We're here to give you value. We've done it here. Big time.

See you at checkout, and then the first round's on us!

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