It's a fact of nature. Sharks chomp.

They're not as deadly as bees and peanuts, maybe, but still. Besides, there aren't any NHL teams named after bees or peanuts. So it's left to the denizens of San José to maintain their menacing -- but ironic -- image.

OK. They should know better than to mess with Batman, but they're still meaner than angry sea bass with laser beams on their heads.

The point is, those chompmeisters extraordinaire have been serving as an inspiration to their NHL namesakes in San José for quite a few years, now. Click on over to The Daily Player to see the lengths those dudes have taken it.

You'll see something you've never seen before.

And while this window's open, you might find Fanorama could match that claim.

We like to sell fan-friendly stuff, so we've stocked our cyber-shelves with the likes of leak-proof water bottles with plastic sleeves:

leak proof water bottles with plastic sleeves

Sure, they look like Glade air-freshener bottles for rich people, but they're not. And you don't have to be a kajillionaire to buy one: $17.98 is not gonna break the bank.

You'll be proud to take them anywhere, too, except maybe a goal if you're defending it.

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