This is a bit of the Angry White Dude's opinion, found only at The Daily Player:

"This entire NBA playoff thing is just like a WWE Royal Rumble, and to be frank with each and every one of you, it's nothing but a waste of time.

"The Cavs and the Warriors are in the middle of the ring, and each and every so-called playoff team from the Eastern and Western Conference get to make their way to the ring to get their shot at the title.

"Problem is, it's all pre-determined!

"No team has a snowball's chance to throw the Warriors or the Cavs over the top rope and win the Rumble ... I mean, the NBA title."

Dude never fails to tell us how he really feels. Click here to see what else he has to say on the subject.

Meanwhile, Fanorama never fails to span the globe for quality deals at humane prices. For example, take this Air Jordan hip-hop pendant:

Air Jordan hip hop necklace

Nice touch, dunking over the chain!

This little piece of Airness only goes for $15.72, which is a helluva price for a display of legendhood.

So don't be caught flat-footed. Click it and pick it up today! 

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