The Super Bowl gave fans many reasons to be thankful, the main one being that we actually wound up getting a close game.

The fact that it included a comeback of historical proportions was gravy. And how about Julian Edelman's catch becoming one for the ages:

Julian Edelman Super Bowl catch

The game also gave Western civilization as we used to know it an awesome benefit: Hardly any fake news!

OK, there was one, but maybe it'll be what snuffs that insidious candle of darkness. Or something like that. We don't do metaphors.

But, we do deals! And there's nothing fake about these cool shades:

aluminum magnesium polarized sunglasses

There's nothing fake about the $30.66 price for these cool aluminum magnesium polarized shades, either.

So, see the world as it really is and do it in style, compliments of your favorite Fanorama store!

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