The Daily Player's very own Squire of Ire has had a revelation:

"I have never watched an entire car race. I'm not bragging or boasting; it's just a simple fact.

"I've watched for a minute or two while flipping the channels. I guess that, in the past, I never really considered it that big of a deal. 

"Drivers just get in their car, give it the gas, head down the road, and turn left until they get back where they started.  What's the big deal?

"And yes, I realize that those dudes take slightly higher risks than you see all the time on Florida freeways and that sometimes the results of that sorta driving are spectacular."

To see how spectacular, just click here.

And to see how Fanorama helps racing fans cash in on those who aren't quite there yet, take a look at our good ol' Number 46 racing cap:

Number 46 racing cap

No one of note ever drove Car No 46. And check out that scribble of an autograph. A pharmacist couldn't even read it! That means it's perfect for you to say you drove that car, or your daddy did, or whatever.

For a mere $19.98, you'll have a story to tell. Get started!

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