This may be the new dawn for Arsenal with all their high profile summer signings.

Impressively, it seemed like everything was clicking for them right from the pre-season's first kickoff.

Down under. Light stuff.

The Gunners filled Sydney FC's coffers to start their Asian tour and easily didgeridoo'd them with a 0-2 win.

OK, so maybe it's not.

However, The Daily Player not only has a link to what it really is as well as the goals, which includes one by their high-priced summer signing. Click over there for those details and more.

We here at Fanorama are all for that awesome barbie culture down in Oz, and we'd be remiss if we didn't mention the perfect grilling t-shirt for them and anyone else who has tongs and will travel:

without a beer in his hand ... barbecue t-shirt BBQ

Really, how can you go wrong for $21.95 when all you're stating is a simple truth?

And from a diplomatic perspective, now an honorable griller won't have to ask. So this is one useful shirt. If you're a griller or are close to one, see you at checkout.

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