Baseball is a game built on tradition

This would include a virtually endless amount of rituals and rookie hazing techniques, some more harmful than others.

One of the more innocuous ones would be the old home run silent treatment routine, and we were treated to this MLB performance art recently at Fenway Park.

Try to stifle your laughter until the end.

Good times.

There are more, and a quick click over to The Daily Player will reveal them to you.

We don't do pranks at Fanorama. Our sorta fun is finding cool stuff at great prices, like this ol' sea dog faux-weathered baseball cap:

weathered baseball cap

It's awesome for those times when you wanna tell tall tales of how it used to be or pop a cold one and recount that time you fed the great whites. Whatever. That part's up to you.

Just know that, for $16.70, you'll look authentic doing it.

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