It's quite clear that crafty veteran Manu Ginobili can do cagey things on the basketball court.

We've been seeing him performing a bit of this and a bit of that for 15 years, now, and he still keeps coming up with new stuff.

But the oldies are still the goodies, including the ever-popular humiliation of an opponent with a nutmeg.

Click on over to The Daily Player to see Ginobili execute it to perfection.

The dude's smooth.

Here at Fanorama, we turn smooth into kinda slick, as in these polarized shades with side windows:

polarized sunglasses with side window

Toss in the fact that they're only $29.99, and don't be surprised if Manu himself drops by to pick up a few dozen of them in all their various designs.

After all, dude can't nutmeg in retirement. Gotta find another way to be cool.

And if he can, you can. Right here. See you at checkout.

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