Look around, and you'll find lotsa SMH moments when dudes turn into supernerds in their quest to find an edge on the sportsbooks.

Usually, that means delving into statistical data that numbs sensibilities.

It's hella easier to wait for TCU to play a Pac-12 team, wait for the second half, and see whether or not Horned Frog coach Gary Patterson changes his shirt.

Back in the 2015 Alamo Bowl, Patterson found his team trailing Oregon by 31 points at halftime.

You probably realize what happened next. Now, it's happened again. Click over to The Daily Player for the mystic details.

There isn't much more for Fanorama to add, so we'll philosophize, as in offering a universal response to the Socratic method in the form of this existential t-shirt:

beer is the answer t-shirt

What better way to address the complexities in this world, and for a mere $21.99!

It's guaranteed to keep you outta those polarizing debates, except for maybe ale or lager? Possibly even light or high octane? In those cases, if you're not buying the round, just tell the questioner to check your shirt.

Does life get any easier than this? Didn't think so. You're welcome.

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