The phrase gets so old, but ever since it was coined at the 1986 World Cup in Mexico, every international competition has to have one.

A Group of Death.

The inference is one team is better than two others in each pool, but it's gonna finish third and go home earlier than it should.

In this season's Champions League pool play, it's this one:

The first meeting of the two clubs in question is in the books, and The Daily Player has its version of the details. Click here and enjoy.

Speaking of, Fanorama has something that'll help you enjoy your next outing to wherever in the world you wanna out. Get a load of this tailgating thermal snack bag:

tailgating thermal snack bag

It's safe to say that wherever you're going, you won't be going without.

And a mere $22.97 makes it happen.

Of course, it's cool to put all that healthy stuff in the photo, but we both know damn good and well that Cheetos, Snickers bars, and Jello shooters will travel comfortably in that bag, too.

So, pick a few items that are right for you, and head to checkout to have a place to put them.

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