The land of Twitter is an exciting place these days.

Professional athletes are using it more and more, with varying degrees of success and entertainment value.

The platform is frequently used for trolling and then for the taking down of said trolls.

This is what Kyle Busch used it for recently.

Some misinformed troll decided to lash out at Busch, presumably in an effort to feel better about his own life.

Maybe Busch's wheels are spinning this season -- as in no trips to the winner's circle -- but he's still winning battles in other arenas.

Just click over to The Daily Player to see one of them.

If you wanna celebrate it, we also recommend you visit Fanorama and pick up a studly cool NASCAR racing cap that has as many wins as Busch this year:

Car 46 cap

Fact is, No 46 is available to make you a legend! Hell, only three drivers in NASCAR history have taken checkers with that ride, so we suggest starting with this topper and letting your dreams run wild.

That's right. $16.95 puts you in the driver's seat. As in, who's gonna know? Especially in a bar where they'll never see you again. There could be free drinks in it. Maybe a groupie or two.

It's down to you. All we're saying is a prop helps. And here it is.

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