Looks like this season's poster boys for disarray are the South Florida Bulls hoopsters.

Last week, after yet another loss at Tulsa, the team flew to Houston and then caught a connecting flight home. However, Troy Holston and Geno Thorpe were somehow left at the airport.

Check The Daily Player for details and ask yourself ...

Perhaps it's because the human condition is astounding. Name one thing we can't screw up.

But there's hope.

Our job here at Fanorama is to find deals that even we can't botch. Like these killer cycling sunglasses at the insanely low price of $15.88:

cycling sunglasses

Still, nothing's impossible, so we strongly suggest that -- whether or not you're a cyclist -- you click on over to our Eyewear collection and grab a pair of these or anything else that strikes your fancy before we do something we shouldn't.

Whatever that might be. Give us time. We're human.

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