Well, this was probably inevitable.

The Ball family, led by lunatic patriarch LaVar, did a spot this past Monday on WWE Raw.

The old man seemed right at home in this environment, as every single interview he conducts is strikingly similar to a wrestling promo.

Predictably, the segment went off the rails pretty quickly.

Unless you're into this sort of thing, that clip may be difficult to absorb.

And there's more. Just click over to The Daily Player for more faux villainy.

It's gotta be embarrassing to be seen showing up for this bilge, but let's say that maybe you wanna get the full experience, anyway. Well, Fanorama has just the thing for you.

Polarized anti-shock, anti-scratch, anti-fog shades:

polarized anti-shock anti-scratch anti-fog sunglasses

If they don't cover all eventualities, nothing does. Not bad for $34.50.

You could do worse. Like saying uncool stuff on a hot mic. But that's why we have villains.

Don't be one. Just buy these shades and watch what not to do in comfortable anonymity.

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