How classical can El Clásico be when it gets expanded to four times a year?

And exported in two of them?

They're clearly dosh magnets, but dudes!

How much is too much?

Maybe everyone's right.

Sooner or later, the biggest of the big brands are gonna finally push for a European Super League so hard, they'll get it. If so, they'll culminate a movement that began in 1998 and put paid to football as we know it.

Click over to The Daily Player for more knee-jerk conjecture, because that's what our dudely brethren do.

Meanwhile, here at Fanorama, we revel in uniqueness. For example, how often have you seen these rootin' tootin' beverage holsters in your local big box stores?

beverage holsters

That's what we thought.

You'll just have to take our word for it that $29.99 is a killer deal for this hands-free device from two centuries ago. Because it is, and re-purposed, no less.

Now you can do your part in winning the West all over again, even if you're talking about west Brooklyn. So have your itchy clicker finger ready to beat everyone else to the draw, because this is a limited supply offer. See you at checkout.


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