One of the most enduring MLB debates involves the virtues of the DH in the American League.

Baseball purists will tell you the game is played properly in the National League, where pitchers are allowed to hit for themselves.

Perhaps forced to hit is more accurate, as many pitchers aren't particularly fond of the arrangement.

Lance Lynn would probably fall into that category.

The St Louis Cardinals starter is really awful at the plate, although that doesn't distinguish him from many of his NL pitching brethren.

With nothing to lose, dude decided to try hitting lefty. The Daily Player picks up how that worked out. Click here for the rest of the story.

We here at Fanorama are thinking he should take a different approach. Standing at home plate offers serious face time, so stop thinking about hitting and hone up the profile with cool lookin' sky pilot shades like these:

pilot sunglasses

It's tough to find an image upgrade for a mere $19.97, but here it is.

They're incredible shades for the price, too, and we still cut it to $19.97. Because we're those kinda dudes. Putting polarized protection on your mug with a side order of style is what we do.

That's a winning combination. From either side.

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