That should never be an issue. But ...

Those who cannot learn from the past are condemned to repeat it.
-- George Santayana

It's the human condition, isn't it?

Every generation has to make the same mistakes for themselves. In some cases, it may take a little more time for stupidity to re-ascend, but eventually, it will.

So, let's pause to reflect upon a re-hashed parable that is the current conflict between Boston's Red Sox and Baltimore's Orioles.

That's how a certain well-known Bard -- no, not this one -- woulda put it if he'd been a sportswriter at the Orioles-Red Sox game on Fri 21 Apr.

It's become a baseball version of Romeo & Juliet. Check The Daily Player to find out why.

We here at Fanorama think the whole thing woulda blown over if someone had made a peace offering. Really, how hard would it have been to order up one of these handy dandy baseball key chains as a token of goodwill?

baseball key chain

You don't even need an MLB salary to call one of these your own. Not at $13.53.

Just think if Manny Machado had given one of these to Dustin Pedroia. The little dude wouldn't have know if it was for his keys or for a game! That probably woulda started another episode in this feud.

You don't have that problem. You just need a baseball key chain. Well, here it is.

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