In America, anyone can sue anybody for anything.

This principle was recently on display in San Antonio.

A bereaved Spurs fan, distraught over the ankle injury sustained by Kawhi Leonard in Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals against the Golden State Warriors, has filed an actual lawsuit against Zaza Pachulia and the Warriors organization.

You may be wondering about the nature and legitimacy of such a lawsuit.

Well, this bold legal action is based on the very real possibility that Zaza placed his foot in the Leonard landing zone for a reason.

If you're one of the USA's 5% of citizenry who believes in conspiracy theories, click over to The Daily Player and read on. If you're not, you'll probably enjoy it more, anyway.

Meanwhile, we here at Fanorama also think you'll enjoy these lightning-crack running shoes, too:

lightning burst running shoes

At $63.19, you may think we're in on a conspiracy to make an offer like this. But we're just into giving you good deals.

No one's gonna sue us for that. We think.

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