This has nothing to do with saluting or kneeling.

It's simply a question that's answered in different ways by different belief systems.

And by different nations.

Outside of North America, anthems are only played to add pomp to international events. Same with the Olympics.

With the expulsion of the Russian delegation from the 2018 Olympics -- both Winter and Summer -- the International Olympic Committee said it would allow individual athletes to compete under the banner Olympic Athletes from Russia.

So what are those dudes gonna do for tunes if they win gold?

The Daily Player found a perfect suggestion. Click here to check it out.

Can't say that Fanorama can add a word or two on the matter, but if you or someone you know just validated a draft and trades by finishing first this season, bag the music and celebrate with this awesome, chest-thumper-on-a-finger fantasy football championship ring:

fantasy football championship ring

Just think. You're buying a dream for only $18.80! How much of a dream is up to you.

For example, you could use this to show you actually won a fantasy league. Or, if you're like the Discovery Channel producers, you could use this to show you won a fantasy league, if you get the difference.

Who else will? Right?

Either way, we've got you covered.

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