The Golden State Warriors didn't have the best of nights recently in Sacramento.

There's enough indignity in losing to the Kings, but it was even uglier than that.

The Warriors' offense was pretty miserable, Steph Curry blew a potential game-winning layup in OT, and head coach Steve Kerr got tossed in the third quarter.

In addition to all this fun, there was an interesting discussion between the lovable Draymond Green and his unassuming pal Kevin Durant on the bench during a timeout.

Was this a clever psychological ploy or simply egos run amok? In the NBA, you often can't tell the difference, but The Daily Player took a look, anyway. Click here for the results.

Whatever it was, the eyes usually are the giveaway. If Green had a moment to keep his intentions vague, there's absolutely no doubt dude woulda taken a sec to don these nifty mirrored, polarized surfing shades:

mirrored polarized surfing shades

At only $19.99, you don't need an NBA player's salary to get them.

Green blew his moment. Don't blow yours. Whenever that may be. They'll be here for you.

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