That's a classic line from My Cousin Vinny that never gets old.

Unless, maybe, you're a Ute and hear it every damn time from some OG in a floral print shirt and plaid shorts with knee-high black socks who's had one too many.

But it's worth it, in the name of comedy.

Back before The Daily Player began the long, laborious process of upgrading its site, our Daily Stake section was teeming with stats and other data that lit the way for those who liked a bit of action with their sports fix.

Like how the Utah Utes might fare in a given matchup.

That section's on hold now, as even more information will be made available under the new format. If you enjoy that sorta stuff, it'll be worth the wait.

Meanwhile, at Fanorama, there's no waiting necessary for this elastic spandex fitted sunscreen baseball cap:

elastic spandex fitted sunscreen baseball cap

Clearly, if you're a Detroit Tigers fan, so much the better. If you're looking for the same thing for another team, just contact Fanorama and we'll fix you up.

At the same price, too: $18.10. We're good like that.

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