It's game time. Does that look like a uniform?

Every year around this time, the more enlightened coaches in the league will begin to systematically rest their franchise players in anticipation of the playoffs.

Actually, the super-smart coaches will do this throughout the season, but we really begin to see this in the last quarter or so of the regular season.

Of course, this makes perfect sense.

Despite the obvious logic at play here, Adam Silver is taking exception to this common practice.

That story and more are front and center on The Daily Player.

Meanwhile, here at Fanorama, we never take a day off. That's because we meet in a sports bar, but enough about us.

We do take the time to post fine fare like this Detector compression fitness T-shirt, though:

Detector compression fitness T-shirt

Top that for $35.92!

While this dudette looks like she'd eat you alive, you'd at least have the satisfaction of knowing you're being killed in style. We suggest buying it for someone you know and love, or if you're of the Dutch persuasion, send her the link. She'll know what to do.

We just hope you do.

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