Back in the day, Buffalo Bill Cody used to pack in those late-1800s city slickers with his Wild West Show.

All he did was re-create mythical battles, roundups, and hunts.

It was quite the production, and for 30 years or so, the public at it up.

It was either that for entertainment or watching hangings.

Real Madrid and Barcelona are as bitter of enemies as it gets, and they allowed some promoter to match them in a friendly?

Has dosh changed the footballing world that much?

Yeah. We know. Rhetorical question.

If you're so inclined, The Daily Player has the goals. You're just a click away.

And if you're into cheap imitations, Fanorama is the place for you. Where else can you find an authentic faux Denver Broncos Super Bowl 50 ring like this:

imitation Denver Broncos Super Bowl 50 ring

Where besides forgeries of the Great Masters have you seen fakery as exquisite as this?

It's absolutely amazing we can offer this to you for a very real $18.99, but those are the kinda dudes we are. In fact, we could say we spared no expense to locate a ring like this -- featuring real cubic zirconia -- but that would be a lie.

But we did locate it. And if you've got a good lie to match up with a bauble like this, we'll see you at checkout.

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