Dale Earnhardt Jr has more than likely owned his share of sweet rides over the years.

In fact, an extremely rare Corvette ZR1 was recently listed by Fairfield Auto Group of Pennsylvania, who included in the listing the fact that the soon-to-be-retired NASCAR driver used to own the car.

Here's the thing, though: Junior doesn't seem to remember any of this.

Hmmm, interesting.

The asking price on this sexy automobile was a cool $97,978.

Is anyone smelling a rat?

Let The Daily Player do the sniffing for you. Just click over for another clue or two.

Speaking of questionable origins, Fanorama isn't claiming anything about the ol' No 46 racing cap:

number 46 racing cap

Nobody famous has ever driven a Car No 46, so this is fertile territory. We'll leave the backstory up to you. Go ahead, dream up something to fit your ulterior motives. Seems like that's a thing these days.

Just think, for a mere $16.95, you could become quite a legend in some far away sports bar where they'll never see you again. There could be advantages. We'll leave that up to you, too.

So buy the damn cap. Here's a warning, though: Look around before you go into your spiel. This has been a pretty hot item lately, and that's just another indication of its horsepower.

If you get our drift.

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