Talk about hockey's version of Murphy's Law!

Chris Kelly's fifth goal of the NHL season may not be his proudest moment. All he did was touch the puck and skate away.

As a matter of fact, his presence didn't even register in the highlight.

That was the Dallas Stars' Jiri Hudler at center ice, casually flicking a no-look pass back to his defenders, who had no idea it was coming.

The ref had just rung up a penalty on Ottawa, so there was no need for a goalie; the next time a Senator touched the puck, the play would be blown dead and the offending Sen would feel shame, serving two minutes in the sin bin.

The only way Ottawa could score in that situation would be for a Star to net an own goal. Believe it or not, that was the winner in a 3-2 Senators victory.

You're probably thinking, That's pucked up! Well, it is, and to commemorate the occasion, Fanorama would like to offer Hudler the closest thing we have to a biscuit on a cap:

baseball cap

Some would call it a gift at $13.92. Maybe not as cool as the one Hudler gave Kelly, but at least he could wear it proudly.

So could you.


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