It can arguably be said that the turning point in the Houston Astros' fortunes was when George Springer got called up from AAA.

Ironically, he was the 'Stros' first-round pick in 2011, six months before Jeff Luhnow was plucked from the St Louis Cardinals' front office and named general manager.

And now, dude's the MVP for a World Series champion that Sports Illustrated predicted in 2014, with Springer as their poster boy.

Click here for the Game 7 highlights and related features at The Daily Player, because that's what those dudes do.

Here at Fanorama, we know a winner when we see one, too. And since this is a Texan kinda time to celebrate, allow us to present our best-selling Cowboy Kuzy handmade, bourbon-brown beer holster:

Cowboy Kuzy handmade, bourbon-brown beer holster

Yes, we know. This is beyond clever!

You're keeping your hands warm, your brew cool, and your persona in top form. It attaches to your belt for practical convenience.

It's yours for $29.99.

You don't have to be an Astros fan -- or a Cowboys, Texans, Raiders, Gauchos or Paladins fan -- to celebrate like one, so mosey on over to checkout, limber up your clickin' finger, and be glad you did!

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