It wasn't exactly news that Manchester United was undefeated in the Premiership coming into this match.

The news happened over the next 90 minutes.

Huddersfield Town hosted dripping-in-dosh Manchester United on a run-of-the-mill Saturday evening with management probably just content with the large gate it would bring them.

The players and coaching staff had other ideas and confirmed them by stunning everybody with a 2-1 upset.

This match had a Mancunian triumph written all over it, yet it was proof once again that any club can lose a match at any place to anybody in the Premiership.

That's why we love sports. You just never know. The Daily Player has more on the match, so click over there for extra illumination.

 Speaking of ...

Ever have one of those parties that last longer than the daylight does? That calls for entertainment that glows in the dark, and Fanorama is here to oblige.

Check out this nifty cool 8-foot professional beer pong table, complete with cup holes and LED lights:

8-foot professional beer pong table with cup holes and LED lights

We're talking 20 different colors of lights, here, as well as a super wax finish to protect Old Glory from liquids of all sorts. Let's just leave it at that.

Those are real holes, by the way, and we're even tossing in six party-hardy ping pong balls.

How we packaged all this for a mere $199.99 -- with free shipping -- is a mystery for the ages, but there it is. Just waiting for you.

So don't make it wait too long. That would be rude. See you at checkout.


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